Extended Warranties
At Carzoid, we are pleased to offer extended warranties on most cars that we sell here. Offered through GWC Warranty Corp — among the nations oldest and most reputable warranty companies.

Why GWC Warranty Corp?

This is a very reputable company. Our customers who have purchased these warranties have been very pleased with the follow through and payments. GWC is a top rated warranty at reasonable prices. GWC Warranty Corp warranties are only available through a network of reputable auto dealerships, and not available for purchase by public. These warranties are also transferable. Keep in mind warranties do not cover any maintenance related items,

We include, at no charge a 30 days OR 1000 miles limited Drive train warranty on most of the cars that we sell.

Kind of Coverage

There are three different kind of warranties to choose from..

A) Drive train which include major parts including engine and transmission

B) Essential Coverage covers most things, electrical, mechanical parts, air conditioning and more...

C) Comprehensive Coverage covers everything, including ABS, fuel pump, and is the most complete warranty you can get in business.

Length of Warranty

At time of purchase you can choose from a 90 days/4500 miles all the way up to a 4 year/50000 mile warranty.

Who does the Service?

Nationwide— you can take your car to any mechanic of your choice. Your mechanics gets paid directly from warranty company.


Depending on what you choose, for example a 3 year coverage on a BMW 3 series with under 100K is approx. $1500. Some cars higher and some lower.

We offer our extended warranties at cost plus $45 processing fee. We do this as an added service to our valued customers when they purchase cars from Carzoid. Most dealers sell these warranties at 200% mark ups!!

For more information on what kind of coverage you may want to choose, costs, duration, etc.. Please click on the link below, call or send us an email.

For more info view click to compare plans and view the brochure.